Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple iOS 5 from grrrrr to purrrr

Getting started
Well as most have heard Apple came out with their new iPhone last week. I was looking forward to the new iPhone 5 and disappointed when it was revealed as the 4S. Seems funny to me Apple let the iPhone 5 rumor build when in fact they planned the 4S.  It was just released here in Canada this week, there were folk lined up hours before electronic stores opened awaiting their new iPhone. As for Julie and I we bailed on the iPhone frenzy and picked up some months ago the iPhone 4. Our iPhone 3S's had seen better days and it was time to upgrade. So that brings me back to the new iOS 5 that Apple released last week. I checked it out and it will work on our iPads and iPhone 4 as well. There is improved features for text messaging, I would no longer have to dock to iTunes to get updates, improved camera,  a storage area called iCloud, some minor changes in the email and calender...these are but some of
the new things with iOS 5. Off I went to iTunes to get the update all went I thought. I then restarted my iPhone and ALL my purchased app's were GONE.....all music......GONE and email......GONE!!!!!
Great update eh.....iTunes would allow me to go back to the old OS so I logged in but was told that someone was already using that password and username!!!! At that point I started to do what I only heard others doing..."talking to my PC"  it was not the warm fuzzy's I was conveying either!!!! Well it was getting late and I tried other ways to get into iTunes but nothing and it was time for bed. Home from work the next day and feeling refreshed I started again. I ended up changing the password and username went back to the old OS. After rebooting the iPhone all was still lost in Apple space, time for Apple support. That is another treat trying to find a phone number for support. It found a support number and off on another Mac adventure. To keep it short and sweet Apple support was FANTASTIC all my app's and music were restored, the iOS 5 was re-installed and working great. Finally my password and username was restored as well!
All better....thanks Apple care
Apple support = PURRRRRRRRRR

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