Saturday, September 28, 2019

Ever so slowly things are coming together.

Audio, mouse and HDMI items 
And so it begins.....I have started to unpack the radio gear and it was evident very soon that I had to do some organizing of coax, various cables and test/repair items. For years my roll top desk draws were filled with "stuff" and it was items that I needed but when something was needed it was a chore to unload a drawer to look for something. Now that I am going to be at this location for some time I wanted to finally sort things out. We have these cubbies from Ikea that have been around for some
Coax cables 
time at our place with really no there is a function for them. As I was unpacking my gear I was shocked to see how many cables I had. I sorted them into a cubby that had just coax cable and another with audio cables and finally a cubby with all my meters, solder station, solder and any item that fell into the category of repair and test. Today I was able to run the  coax cable from my Endfed antenna position into the home. Tomorrow I will be (weather permitting) getting the W1SFR Endfed 40m-6m antenna in place. Things are starting to take shape and it's very exciting. I have the radio gear all set in place within the roll-top desk. I did connect my H800 active antenna to the Icom 7610 just to check out the band conditions. I was shocked and pleased at the very low noise level compared to Toronto.
The test kit 


  1. Mike, you are going to be receiving so much DX compared to where you were before that you'll probably be able to rectify a bit of it into DC and power your rig! I'm looking forward to your impressions of propagation with a proper outdoor antenna.

    73 - John AE5X

    1. Good morning John and very nice to hear from you, I was on 40m the other evening with just my H800 active antenna and I had no issues hearing Germany calling CQ along with France. I am very much looking forward to flipping the switch and sending out my new call for the first time from down here. I am just taking my time making sure all is setup correctly and how I want it.