Friday, May 17, 2019

Well the news is out!

Elecraft has added some “eye candy” to Dayton the Elecraft K4! My email inbox has gone from an average daily count of about 25 emails to a new high of 80 to 100! The Elecraft reflector being the  new leader for my inbox. I’m not going to get into the specifics as that has been all over the internet and blogs.  It’s nice to see Elecraft enter this new phase in their product I going to rush out and purchase a K4.......nope. I am happy with my Elecraft KX3 and the Icom7610. For those of you out there who were considering an Elecraft rig now may be the time as I assume there are going to be those who are selling their K3 or K3S to get cash for a nice new shiny Elecraft K4.


  1. I think the used market prices for K3 and K3s's are gonna take a steep dive.

    1. Good evening John very nice to hear from you, I sure do agree as the K4 frenzy begins it’s going to first be committed Elecrafters who purchase the K4. Those who are dedicated already have K3’s and K3S,s and will want to unload them. Elecraft will be the winner here as they will sell their new K4 and at the same time gain new sheep to the fold from used gear sale. Elecraft then may end up selling add on items to the used gear.