Sunday, February 17, 2019

A screen shot of the ARRL DX CW contest
I was on for a short time yesterday afternoon but we had a dinner date to go to in the evening so things were cut short. I stayed on 20m as it seemed to be producing very surprising results including a contact into Japan. I was shocked when I heard his call just come from out of no where! I gave him a call and he came right back to me and in about 5 minutes after he was spotted along with some other JA's the pileup was huge. It was just luck I was where I was at the time and made the contact with 60 watts and my MFJ 1788 loop.
I will see if the propagation gods are smiling down on me today as I give the contest another go this afternoon.


  1. Hi Mike, it was good to see a lot of CW stations while the contest was going on. Nice JA contact. Sometimes we need some luck to be there on the right time and place. 73 Paul

    1. Good morning Paul and very nice to hear from you, I was shocked but that's the magic of ham radio they say!
      Have a good week and 73