Saturday, December 29, 2018

Christmas morning surprise!!!

Well Christmas has past and now it's the New Year that is being pushed with the full force of the media.....join a gym, loose weight and change your career. I'm good with all three of the mentioned BUT lets get back to Christmas shall we........ or to be more precise about a month before Christmas. My wife has been listening to me "mutter" now and then about my ham radio adventure. My blog readers are well aware of my purchase of the Expert Electronics Sun SDR2 Pro SDR transceiver. I was thrilled with the rig and how it preformed was amazing. I did mention how I truly missed the knobs and dials of a "real" radio but at the same time it was somewhat worth giving up for the
waterfall, SDR funtionality and 2 independent receivers. Little did I know Julie was listening to my now and then comments about radios as I read QST. My wife who is not a ham and has made it very clear she has no interest in radio what so ever but she was able to hear my interest in SDR radio and my missing an actual rig put it together and get in touch with our local ham radio dealer. The pictures tell the story of what was under the tree on Christmas morning!!
There is going to be an Expert Electronics Sun SDR2 pro rig that is just over 6 month old up for sale very soon.


  1. Wow Mike, that's a big christmas surprise. Enjoy this radio it's just what you're looking for I guess. A SDR with knobs! And dual receive. Good luck, 73, Bas

    1. Good morning Bas, yes I was shocked to say the least! I gave the knobs a spin this weekend during the RAC CW contest.
      Happy New Year to you and your family.