Tuesday, January 2, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR.....I have a plan

A belated Happy New Year to all the readers of the blog! So now that we are 2 days into the New Year what is the long range forecast for VE3WDM? While we are on the subject of forecast the weather up this way has been to say the least DAM COLD!! There does not seem to be a break anytime soon with the forecast this weekend temp's are to be in around -30 with the windchill.  Lets warms things up with some 2018 plans. This year Julie and agreed that it's the year to cut back starting with our cable TV that can run way over 125.00 per month. I purchased a small HD antenna and am able to pickup (for free) close to 30 channels. This week the cable company will be getting a disappointing call with our cancellation. We also have Apple TV 4k and pay a minimum for Netflicks and Crave TV. The other cord we are cutting is the eating out which we are planning on moving to only once a month as eating at home is cheaper and can be healthier as well. Regarding ham radio I have all I need and some but my plan this year is to get on the radio and pound out some CW! With the conditions not being so great I have still been able to make contacts both here in North America and over seas.  I worked dam hard over the years to learn CW and get my speed up and it's like a language that if you don't use it you loose it. I am also set up for the digi modes just to change things up a bit. Finally with less TV and going out it looks like I am going to catch up on my ham radio  reading. These are not drum roll type plans for the New Year but it's a start!

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