Friday, August 4, 2017

Oh those Eqsl cards

Last evening I was reading Paul PC4T's blog regarding Eqsl cards and that when he logged in he found 60 Eqsl cards that had to be answered. This made me go Hmmmmm I have an Eqsl account and I too have not checked it for some time as well! I have Friday off I and I will use some time to look into Eqsl and checking my account may allow me to pass some time. It's now Friday and I had my morning walk and took my position at the desktop and checked my Eqsl account. I will say not being on the air all that much when it comes to Eqsl has an advantage.....:). I had about 15 QSO's that needed my attention and it really seemed to have to do with UTC times not matching. That made me think to maybe not filling in the times in my log. But then again I could then get flagged for no time at all!!


  1. Hi Mike, oh my, I think a lot of us does have the same issue. I should check every week my eQSL account for answering those incoming cards. Have a nice weekend, 73 Paul PC4T

    1. Good morning Paul and very nice to hear from you, I have to get into the same habit as well but my list was not as long as yours.
      73 and have a great weekend.