Friday, July 21, 2017

Heathkit has a new product out.

The HM-1002 
As many of you know Heathkit has made a comeback and is offering clocks, antennas and evening clothing! They have now introduced the "precision RF meter" kits
The spec's are below:

Power / SWR / Return Loss Accuracy:
  • Meter: 2% nominal for Power, SWR, Return Loss. 
  • Sensors: Specs vary per sensor model. 5% or better when assembled as directed (no promises yet but we actually hope to beat 2%).
Power precision: Up to four displayed digits, measurement significance one part in 8,000 (125 PPM).
Frequency Accuracy & Precision: 6-digit precision, displaying 100Hz units with +/- 100Hz accuracy for MF, HF, 6 meters. Accuracy and precision always depend on sensor as well as meter. Frequency measurement requires a Heathkit® frequency-capable sensor; one is provided with each meter purchase.
Range: Frequency and power range depend on the sensor model(s) in use. With standard sensor, meter range is 50mW to 2kW power (17dBm to 63dBm) nominal, and 1.6MHz to 54MHz frequency nominal, when assembled as directed. (Subject to change) As with any power device, true SWR handling capability varies with sensor and depends on applied power level, and we will report lab results here as they are confirmed.
Front panel: Sensor/mode cluster, power cluster, SWR/return cluster, color graphic LCD display, calibrated DigilogTM bargraph, configurable visual alert.
Rear panel: Power jacks, sensor jacks, digital jack, audio annunciator.
Enclosure: Hardwood sides, plastic top/bottom, screwless top & front design with integral feet (patent pending).
Size: Approx. 2.2" high x 5.5" wide x 4.75" deep (6 x 14 x 12cm).
Weight: 1 lb (0.5 kg) nominal.
Included: All kit parts, any required assembly hex wrenches, one sensor, silver solder, one six-foot (2m) indoor sensor cable.
Compliance/legal: RoHS. Optional AC power adapter is UL approved. Patent pending.
AC power: Optional AC adapter accepts 90-130 VAC 60 Hz pure sine wave (North American standard), approx. 4 watts. 6ft (1.9m) power cord. (UK, Europe: 50 Hz compatible, but requires a different power adapter.*)
DC power: Accepts 12VDC nominal. Anderson PowerPole jack.
Tools required: Low-wattage soldering iron, wire cutters, needlenose pliers.
RFI/EMC & safety: No switching power supply brick. No mains line voltage (no 120VAC or 230VAC) in the box.
Accessories: (Coming soon) AC adapters, cables, more sensor models.

The cost for all this is 575.00 U.S. 


  1. Looks nice Mike! But for the average radio amateur operator it is way overpriced! 73, Bas

    1. I agree Bas, it seems to be like that with other amateur radio's and options. I have seen items in QST and then looked them up online and the price at times is up there.

  2. With Heathkit's cryptic FAQ page about who they are ("Heathkit is owned by Heath" - well duh) and their comment that "due to our patent filing" no one will ever be able to incorporate the features of this power meter - doesn't give me a warm fuzzy about the people behind this company. And, as Bas mentioned, their prices - I think I'll find it easy to avoid them.

    1. Good morning John and very nice to hear from you, I too read the same and it did catch my eye. I guess time will tell if the Heathkit products are going to be a hit or a miss. Makes me wonder.....the car companies have been reviving the classic cars reaching out to that sector of the market....I wonder if Heath brought back some of the classic radios (maybe with some up to date add on's) at a reasonable price that would be interesting to see?
      73 John and have a great weekend.