Monday, July 24, 2017

Chameleon CHA P Loop 2.0 antenna 20% discount!!

Carl from Chameleon antenna left a message on my blog offering a 20% discount to their CHA P Loop  2.0 antenna  for my blog readers and it's available until the end of July! 
Below is the comment:

I've added the information to our website and also added a CHA P-LOOP 2.0 20% OFF discount for your readers, at the link below. The discount will be applied at the check out. The discount is valid until the end of July 2017.



This is a new and improved version over the one that I have been using. The up to date spec's of this antenna can be found here. This is very generous of Carl and if you have ever been considering a portable Mag Loop antenna this is a great find. 


  1. Hello Mike, that's a great offer and Carl does well to promote this loop. You get al lot of great high quality materials with the antenna. However 415 USD is still a lot of money for the average radioamateur. I prefer to build one myself, it would be not the chameleon quality but quite usable. 73, Bas

    1. Good evening Bas, yes it is a very generous offer by Carl I have read blogs were hams have built their own loops but as for my I prefer to build (from a kit that is) rigs and associated equipment. I have never really gotten into building antennas.....maybe later in my ham life.