Monday, December 5, 2016

Is is wise to buy your wife an appliance for Christmas.....maybe!!

I was operating in the CQ WW CW contest the other weekend and all was going well. I left my operating  post for a short time and came back to see my P3 screen shown in the above shot. I was not sure what was going on but I did know it was wiping out the entire band. In an instant the CW WW CW contest I was in was on hold. After a very short time I found out it was the mixer my wife was using to make some holiday short bread cookies. I showed my wife and once the short bread mixing was done I was back in the contest again.  I thought I would never say it but "I think it wise to buy my wife an appliance for Christmas. Truth be told I think I am buying it for myself.

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  1. Hello Mike, there is a chines wisdom that says, that a heavy rain shower will not last all day. Happy New Year to you and Julie. 73, Bert