Thursday, October 27, 2016

The ARRL has done it again!

I received my November QST and as I flipping through it I came across page 82 regarding online ARRL contest uploading. This caught my interest and as I read it became crystal clear that this was a very cool newly released feature. Don't take my word for it instead take your November QST and flip to page 82 and check it out......for those of you who are not ARRL member and do not get QST......GET IT!!! Just a nut shell ARRL has a website  were if you participate in an ARRL contest you can upload your score and it's very slick. You are asked for your email, the ARRL contest just finished, your power, if you used spotting assistance and finally how many operated under your call. Then you add your log file which all contest software can produce. You submit it and that's it.


  1. Hello Mike, most big contests have this. It was about time the ARRL got this. 73, Bas

    1. Good Friday afternoon Bas, very nice to hear from you yes that is true and the ARRL has done a very good job on putting this site together.
      73, Mike