Saturday, October 15, 2016

One stop daily Amatuer radio news update!

While surfing the net last week I came across two great sites if you want Amateur radio news at a glance with the opportunity to look into each story more in-depth via a link. In the past I have visited Southgate, Eham and ARRL for up to date ham radio news. These websites bring bring it  all together in one easy to navigate site. They are updated daily to keep you informed on what’s going on in the radio world. Check them out a lot of work and time goes into each  and in my humble opinion it’s a nice jumping place to keep up to date. The first info site is called Ham Radio update, it's updated daily and you are greeted with a headline some brief info. If the news item interests you then you can click on the link and read further.  Ham radio new is easy to navigate and you can be brought up to speed on Amateur radio news quickly. The other site is called Ham Radio Daily, this site is more in depth with not only news item but YouTube, DX Cluster, Top HF spots and propagation just to mention a few.   Here are the links and let me know what you think............Ham Radio Update and 

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