Saturday, January 23, 2016

Multi tasking at the rig.

Reading blogs and operating JT65-HF
I flipped the switch on the radio this afternoon to 20m CW and it was dead! There were some very faint stations basically at the noise level and to hear them I had to engage the Audio Peak Filter. Thinking it was DX calling CQ I was very surprised to hear both calls were from the States! That kinda gave me an idea of the band conditions for CW and I then moved onto JT65 HF on 20m and it was nice to hear many op's. Most of the calls on the waterfall were from the U.S and that's just fine considering the propagation, I did see one station from Spain being decoded. I did make contact with KB0PPQ in Kansas City and while waiting to make another contact I was reading PE4BAS Bas's blog.  Have radio and multi tasking!


  1. Hi Mike, surprised I saw my blog on your page. Hope you like the article ;-). Do a lot of multitasking myself with limited time. 73, Bas

    1. Good evening Bas, yup I enjoy your blog always something new!
      73 Mike