Friday, August 1, 2014

Replacement rechargeable battery for Elecraft KX3

Tracer Battery kit
In a recent post I told the blog world about the failure of my KX3 portable power source. It was an external battery that was ordered from China. The battery  lasted under a year until it just failed to take a charge. The battery was only used maybe 6 times.  Not sure what failed but a fellow blogger  Larry W2LJ with the same battery had a similar failure as well.  It was time to get on the net and look for another external, compact and reliable battery. Plan number one was to avoid the products from China as I have learned a hard lesson there! Reading blogs of op's who operate portable and use an external power source (when the internal batteries give up the ghost) I came across a company called Tracer operating out of the U.S. To make a long story short I ordered from them and below are the spec's on the Lithium Polymer battery.
Closer look at the battery
- 12 volt  8Ah, weight is 600 grams (19.4 oz), charge time is 8-12 hours and carry case.
- Come with it's own wall charger and car adapter charger.  
- An LED battery charge status indicator. 
- A flate discharge curve. 
- Zero self discharge. 
- A tough ABS case
Status indicator light


  1. Does Tracer supply a connector to match the KX3.

    1. Yes the connector supplied with the unit does match the KX3's power female connector just fine.

  2. Replies
    1. No problem and thanks for stopping by the blog and taking the time to comment.