Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunday radio time.

Not much going on
I was able to get some time on the radio Sunday afternoon, there were some contests going on but did not seem much other than that. At the same time I was able to get my radio control program (N4PY software) to work along with my logging program (N3FJP's AClog) and I found out that there is a cluster program that is offered with the N4PY program. It also has been integrated very nicely. Back to my on air time……I did run into two very strong signals calling CQ and giving signal reports. The first was MX0AAA It's a club station that was founded in 1934 and according to the map on QRZ.COM the station is located in London England. The contact was made on 20m with 5 watts and my signal report was 559. I then saw another strong signal on my P3 again on 20m. The call was MD0CCE and Bob was located on the Isle of Man and my signal report was 579. That was it for the contacts for the weekend. I was very pleased with these two contact for QRP and the MFJ Loop antenna


  1. Hi Mike, good results with the loop. I just read that Dick N2UGB worked the same station on 17 meters with QRP. 73 Paul

    1. Good morning Paul, yesterday I was was checking out blogs and found that out kinda cool we contacted the same stations but in another band. He sure was booming into North America.