Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's radio time but no one is there!

Me and my son 22 years ago
We have our relatives over from jolly old England so it has been very little radio (until today) and all showing the sights of Toronto. It has been a blast showing off our city and seeing and hearing the excitement about places we take for granted. Today we had a "rest" day so once the house chores were done it was RADIO TIME!!! I flipped the switch on around 1pm local time and the bands were dead out this way. I checked the solar data and it was not good but that did not stop me from checking the bands! In the past I have found that even when they say the conditions are poor I have still been able to make some decent contacts. This time around it was not the case at all so I did get the thrill of spinning the the VFO as for a contact.....not so much. It was then time to blog about my none contact day.


  1. The greyline is your friend. 15M came alive yesterday around dusk.

    1. Yes that is so true and the greyline used to work wonders for me during contests. No matter what the propagation predictions are the greyline seems to do the trick.