Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Great weather and contesting.

This past weekend was a long weekend up this way with Monday being the holiday. My plans were to get involved in the North American QSO party contest on Saturday. This is a short 10 hour CW contest  and when conditions are not that great a North American contest can be very attractive. To make a long story short I started and ended the contest on 15m. It was rough going and I found the bands  really not be all that busy. The other contest problem was it was a gorgeous day outside!!! For some reason this year I just was not getting into the contest mode.
One observation I made before surrendering  to the great weather outside was in Ontario our section is no longer ON. This changed a short time ago when the province was divided into 4 sections Ontario North (ONN), Ontario East (ONE), Ontario south (ONS) and finally greater Toronto area (GTA) In the contest I would attempt to send ONS but most of the time I could only get to "S" was interrupted with TU.
This is really was not the fault of the contester as I found N1MM  auto filled my section as ON and not ONS. Not sure if my N1MM is up to date and that change has been made but it was tough getting the ONS across during the contest. My contest effort stopped about an hour into the it. I made 17 contacts but the weather was calling my name. I figured the good weather days are going to become limited and soon the snow and cold weather will be here.....then lots of time to spend on the radio.
This coming weekend is the Skeeter hunt contest. This is the second running of the contest. I found it was a nice way to spend 4 hours of your Sunday afternoon. You are encouraged to get out into the out of doors for this contest. This year if you can operate beside a body of water you get bonus points!! I have scouted out two locations close to home were water (river) is....have to make my mind up as to where I will be heading. I had a look at the long range forecast today and Sunday is looking great!

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