Sunday, July 14, 2013

IARU contest in the books

I told Oliver (A.K.A RF) sleep is for after the contest
I always look forward to the IARU CW contest each year, I find it is just the right length and lots (most of the times) of DX to be had. This year I entered as Single op, QRP power, all band. Last year's IRAU contest I was QRPp for most of the time making some very amazing contacts and breaking my all time miles per watt record. This year it was tough going and then only having 5 watts as well made things more of  a challenge.
I found the bands during Saturday morning and afternoon were really only open to the U.S. There was  very occasional openings on 10m and 15m. It seemed 20m was the way to go and I found myself just checking 10 and 15m now and then . I did have what I considered a DX contact during the afternoon which was Mexico! Pretty sad for that being my early afternoon DX!!
The solar conditions were not to bad considering how the last few weeks had gone for solar flares and high K index's. As the afternoon wore on 20m started to have opening to Europe and South America. But again with only 5 watts it was a challenge. As the evening rolled around 40m was busy with lots of action. Europe was booming in but for some reason I have always had it tough on 40m. I am not sure why but the U.S has never been a problem but getting over the pond has been frustrating. Having said that I did make it into Germany, England, France and Italy. I was very surprised but did have to make many repeats and I got the feeling I was just making it over there.
My score is as follows.
144 contacts
23   HQ stations
21   ITU's
Overall I had a blast and again am looking forward to it again next year.


  1. Hey Mike,
    great job as usual. I saw your score posted to and then your tweet so i came here to read your full report. Wonderful contacts given the poor condxns overall.
    I managed to make 102Qs (NOT QRP) in slightely more than 1hour but i'm quite pleased with the result as it was quite a long time i didn't have the chance to turn on the radio.

    Cheers from the old side of the pond :)

    1. Good afternoon Stefano, I just discovered and it works great. There were only 3 other stations in my category. Great work with 102 in an hour! I find getting into the radio activity is a nice way to relax. Have a great week.