Monday, June 17, 2013

Time to put the K2 package up for sale.

I have resistance for a long time but as the borg say "resistance is futile" and it's time to sell my K2 package. I have seen my rig just sitting on the desk doing lots of nothing. The K3 and KX3 have been getting lots of on air time. As for the K2 I have not flipped the switch for uncounted months. I know there is a ham out there who could put the rig to good use.  I am in the process of putting a for sale post together. I say "K2 package" because I am selling the rig, external ATU and KAT100 and the A&A Engineering smart charger for the internal battery.

K2 serial number 6613
KIO2 AUX I/O module
KBT2 (purchased 10/10/2011 installed spring of 2012)
KNB2 Noise blanker machined weighted vfo knob
VFO knob with tuning dimple as a spare knob
All manuals for the above options and K2
EC2 enclosure with
KAT100-1 ATU
K102 host control Aux I/O
KPA100 100 watt amp
All interconnecting cables between K2, EC2 and PC.
Additional items
K6XX visible LED tuning indicator ( it has not been installed but it’s the complete kit ready to go)
A&A  Engineering 1 amp smart charger for the KBT2 keeps the battery topped up and ready to go.
At this point I am trying to come up with a fair price for all the above. 


  1. Wow...that is indeed a "package". Everything a person needs to be on the air, and a very good radio too.

    1. It is an all in one package and will be both great for at home and out and about. I debated for some time wether to put it up for sale or not.