Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A better evening on the radio

This evening 20m was once again rather slow but I was able to catch EI3KG from Ireland, Michal was 599 into Canada.  It was a very fast QSO with just the exchange of reports but I was able to raise Michal on my first call to him. I then came across LZ1IQ from Bulgaria and he was not able to pick me out from the noise floor. I did try a few times but gave up as there was a pileup waiting to work him and I did not want to hold him from working other stronger station.  Then came OM7RU Ricki from the Slovak Republic and I was refreshed to get a report of 569. I did mention to him that I was /QRP this is something I don't often do. Ricki was more of a relaxed DX op with giving out his name, RST and wanted the same along with the traditional TU 73.
It was time to shut the radio down for the evening and get on and  blog about the great contacts. As a side note my XYL's mom and aunt are over from England for a 4 week visit. This means the Plasma TV down in the living room is on. I get terrible interference on the rig from this TV. Its great that I have the MFJ 1026 noise cancelling unit when adjusted properly I lose any sign of the Plasma TV. This unit is great.


  1. Hello Mike, nice contacts. I think the MFJ1026 is really worth the investment if you have electronic interference. I would love to play with it just to see what it is capable of. But since I have almost no QRN I don't need it I think. Well it looks like propagation is trying to get up again when you look at the contacts made. 73, Bas

    1. Good morning Bas, yes the 1026 is a very nice piece of equipment. I plan on blogging about the 1026 and how I set it up and the effect it has on the QRN here.

    2. That would be really nice. Looking forward for that. 73, Bas

    3. Good evening Bas, I am on my own this weekend so I may get around to a video and blog about it.