Monday, April 15, 2013

Time for a change,

The IMac and KX3
For those of you who are regular readers of my blog know that I run an Elecraft K3 along with Windows XP programs. I also have the Elecraft KX3 that runs on Mac programs. My eyes were sure opened up to the software programs out there for ham's running on Mac machines. I will admit for this long time Windows user getting the swing of Mac took some time.....and I am not done learning as of yet! My wife Julie is very much into photography she has a Mac pro laptop and did have the IMac desktop PC. Some months ago she felt it
was time to part with the IMac. I simply walked the IMac down the hall to my shack and hooked the KX3 up and thus began the Mac adventure. Julie since then has been taking some evening College course's in photography, this has put a flame to her picture taking!  As they say " to make a long story short" the IMac has found it's former home in Julie's office down the hall. I am now a strict Windows ham again! It sure was a fun ride and maybe in time the funds will come in to get a Mac of my own.


  1. So, do tell....which Mac ham radio software got you excited then? So far i've not found much to get me hook my macbook up in the shack, and am a little frustrated that i'm still having to use windoze for my ham activities :-(
    Oh for a JT65 or WSJT-X prog for the mac!!
    Cheers, Mike, G1HGD

  2. Good afternoon Mike, the program that I have found is Maclogger and it's not free but is well worth the money. There is also an SDR program out there for the KX3 that I tried and it works very well too. As for any other programs your best bet is to use parallel desktop this allows you to work windows programs on your Mac PC.