Saturday, February 23, 2013

Announcing a new blog

Back in December when my second Elecraft K2 kit arrived I tossed around the idea of starting an additional blog about my K2 build. I planned to not only document my kit build but to keep the site updated with links and sites that will help out fellow builders. I have up to this point produced 3 pages and some updating posts on the blog itself. Check out the blog and give me  your feedback as well as any info you would like to see on the site as well.


  1. Hi Mike, you are very active... I was just thinking to stop with blogging... I don't know yet... still in doubt. 73 Paul

    1. Good morning Paul, I too am busy but wanted to start this blog. I may not have the time I want to spend on it but I can pick away at it with updates about the build. Also with info that may help out a fellow builder.
      Have a good week.