Friday, February 8, 2013

A snow day.........for some!

Only 2 hours worth of snow so far
 For the past few days the weather folks have been talking about a storm that's on it's way.....largest one in over 5 years!! In the past we have had similar forecasts and nothing has materialized. This time they were right and overnight the snow started and is still going strong. Yesterday I was able to book Friday off, the drive to work for me is 1 hour (one way) on the highway. We live out in the boonies and the roads can be very bad. I am not one to get into a car crash and  possibly ending up in the hospital to just get to work. 
Hey another crazy on the road!
Julie is not so lucky she does not work to far from home and her work is not so forgiving about taking the day off. I was up at the crack dawn to drive her to work. At this time it had only been snowing for a few hours and it seemed to be at the 6 inch mark already. The storm is supposed to continue all day so we will see what we end up with!


  1. Hi Mike, we had some snow a few weeks ago. Nothing compared to the weather in Canada. But not less dangerous to drive in. I don't like "snow" driving at all especially in sharp bends. Take care! 73, Bas

  2. Good afternoon Bas, yes we sure do get some nasty snow storms but most are aware how to drive in the snow. Snow tires are a must out this way...then it's slow and easy.
    Have a good weekend Bas

  3. Stay well. I will be calling my sister in Amsterdam (NW of Albany) later today, Saturday, to see how she is doing. 73 Dick

    1. Good morning Dick, yes I heard the snow had hit hard in that area as well. I hope you find your sister well and safe when you call.
      Have a nice weekend.