Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter project line ups

Now that fall is in full swing and most.....typo alert remove  "and most" (thanks to Gary at rework eliminator for Elecraft K2)and soon all the leaves will have dropped from the trees. The temps  already are starting to drop not yet to freezing but soon. So outdoor activities will be more limited as winter gets her firm grip on this QTH. 
Serial 7372 soon in the works
I find that radio conditions do improve in the winter months and there are some major CW contest to keep me busy on some of the weekends....but.....I don't know about my readers but I also like to have a few winter radio projects on the go. This winter's project is an ambitious one that satisfies my kit building hunger. I purchased another Eelecraft K2 kit, my first K2 kit was a blast to build. With this kit I want to take my time and very much enjoy the build. Another decision I made was to sell the rig once built and run through it's paces. I then can use those funds to put toward my next winters project. I try to keep what I call my well rounded approach to ham radio. This includes on air operating time for sure, reading my monthly ham radio
K6XX's kit for the K2
magazines, blogging and blog reading, interfacing computers with the hobby and of coarse kit building. I also wanted to add a CW tuning aid to my original Elecraft K2 and it just so happens that K6XX has a kit to add a CW tuning  indicator to the rig.  This kit has the dreaded SMD parts!!!! Now having said that I used to say that about kits that came with winding toroid's and that is not a big deal anymore. Below is a video of how the tuning light works.


  1. Hi Mike. Winter can be a fulfilling month in many ways. I'm not a kit builder so that is one type of activity I don't undertake. I tend to do a lot more reading during the long evenings and nights. Increased old-time radio listening included.I get in my exercise outdoors regardless of weather. I miss the snow over here. Not that I want it every day of the year, hi. 73 Dick

    1. Good evening Dick, funny thing I never thought I would had been a kit builder either but I gave it a go and found a new side of the hobby. I get out to the gym 4 times within a 7 day period and then on the off days it's the walk....well that is the plan and as you know not all goes as planned. :O
      Have a good weekend all the best to your YL as I remember you said she was going for tests.