Monday, September 17, 2012

Listening to my readers

My blog from the very beginning was intended to get ham radio and in particular QRP operating out there. I have gleaned the fruits of other blogs, the information, the challenges and the new understanding to certain areas of the hobby I never new existed. In my last post I floated the idea about linking social media to my blog. My intent was to increase the exposure of ham radio to even more readers. After numerous personal emails and comments on my feed I have come to the understanding the only real exposure would be the strong possibility of Mal-ware being spread!! I have done some surfing of my own and it would seem social media on my site could be used by hackers to infect the site with Mal-ware . This Mal-ware could be spread to the readers of the blog by simply following a link on my site or social media sites.
I have listened to my readers and have taken down all social media anything from my blog. This blog is here for the readers to enjoy, grow in the hobby and share their information and learning curves with me and the other readers....It's NOT a place to spread computer virus's and to have readers who found the blog useful and entertaining at times to pack their I.P address and go elsewhere.
As of this posting VE3WDM'S QRPower blog is social media free. The readers have been heard and action has been taken.....continue to enjoy the blog. 


Hans PD0AC said...

I never used social media. I have a life, and real friends. The virus and malware threat when linking to a blog is new to me though.

Just a blog is good enough. Don't worry, we know where to find you. ;)

VE9KK said...

Good evening Hans, I too am very new to the social media scene as well. Still not sure what use it is but I wanted to check it out and see what was cooking there.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.