Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend happenings........

During the NAQP CW contest
In Canada Monday is a civic holiday.....translation...LONG WEEKEND!!! The weather has been a mixed bag of sun, heat and thunderstorms with heavy rain storms. On Friday a package arrived for me from A&A Engineering. My Elecraft K2 is outfitted with the the internal rechargeable battery. A&A Engineering offers a great charger called a smart charger it's combo 1amp swithchable to .05amp charger. Of coarse I ordered it as a kit and I am looking forward to building it in the near future. So there will be more on the charger when the build happens this thing is great and can really extend the life of your rechargeable batteries.

On Saturday I took part in the NAQP CW contest. It was this day and mostly early evening and evening that the thunder and lightening storms came my way. This limited my on air time in the contest.  I entered as QRP at 5 watts and was going to lower the power into the mW range but the conditions would not allow it. I was having a hard enough time making contacts with 5 watts.
NAQP CW results
Band                    QSO                    Points                     Sec
7                               4                          4                         4
14                            34                        34                       23
21                            16                        16                         7

Totals                      54                         54                       34              
First time it has been blank
 The total points for the contest were 1,890 not a very high score at all but I was only in the contest for about 2.5 hours do to a late start, BBQ for dinner and the lightening  storms. The highlight to the contest was making contact with two Cuban station CO2JD and CO2MS who were taking part. 
 Another event was I did not take time to copy down call signs and exchange info on a pad of paper it was direct keyboard copy and type the info into the logging program. I have been practicing for months using PC contest practice software to get the keyboard and speed down. I was using the decoder on the K3 when the code speed was CRAZY.....but over all it was a success.        

 I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Elecraft KX3 my previous post talks about selling off gear for funds BUT the great news is all but two (very minor) items have been sold. I was able this afternoon to call Elecraft and place my order for the KX3. Along the radio the optioned I ordered were the KXFL3 dual-Passband Roofing Filter, KXAT3 Internal, 20-W Automatic Antenna Tuner, KXPD3 Precision Iambic Keyer Paddle and the KXBC3 Internal NiMH Charger with Real-Time Clock. The wait time for this rig is anywhere from 60 to 90 days. 
 So that is how the weekend more or less went here at VE3WDM!!



  1. Nice should arrive just in time for the winter outdoor contests !! ;-)

    I don't suppose there are any SOTA peaks or Lighthouses for you to activate in your neck of the woods are there??

    1. Good evening Bill, well outdoor winter contests up this way are only for the brave at heart. The rig is great and over the winter I am going to get used to the rig. I am also going to use this rig along with MAC software. Up to this point all my rigs are on Window software and I want to hit the MAC world as well. So the rig is going to be a learning curve as well as the MAC software. Bill thanks for stopping by the blog and taking the time to give your input.

    2. Oh and sorry Bill for not addressing your other sorry no SOTA's out this way and as for lighthouses I only wish I could be on the water...but my wife and I would love to retire in Newfoundland (that's in 7 years) so hang on and there may be a lighthouse activation in the near future....:))

  2. We don't get many 3-day weekends down here in CR as they haven't adopted that efficiency custom of moving holidays around. But then, I'm retired, so.... :) We do get holidays that surprise us sometimes, though. We don't even know they are coming until a neighbor tells us or Sean says he doesn't have school. There are even local holidays when businesses close. Weird! :)