Sunday, July 29, 2012

IOTA contest and CY9M DXpedition

I was planning on spending some time this weekend participating in IOTA contest...but...I got called into work and by the time I got home and settled in I was only able to put in about an hour toward the contest. This is the first time I had taken part in the contest and was surprised at the turn out, this is a very busy contest for sure. I had hoped to add to my DXCC count by taking advantage of some of the rare islands. I did hear lots of rare DX but that was as far as it got to making any sort of contact. I found the bands to be so so there was an M6 flare along with an R2 radio black out that did not help out conditions. Despite the conditions I was able to make 8 contacts.
On all my contacts I tried with the lowest power possible and worked my way up until I made contact. If  I was at full output (5 watts) and still could not make contact it was time to move along.

Below is how the hour of contesting worked out for me
1) K1VST          NA046          5 watts
2) VE1AL          NA010          5 watts
3) DL5AXX       -------            5 watts
4) M05BFL        EU005         5 watts
5) DL8FBL         ------           500mW's          8,014 miles per watt
6) 9A/OM8AA   EU016         500mW's          8894 miles per watt
7) S58VU           -------         3 watts 
8) G6PZ             EU005      100mW's           35,262 miles per watt        

Pile up for CY9M on my P3
I had seen CY9M on the band scope but they were super busy and with my 5 watts I felt I did not stand a chance. This morning there was an email on the Elecraft reflector from WB2LQF stating he had worked CY9M on both 20m and 30m's with his Elecraft KX3 and using 5 watts to do it!!! So I am back at it now and it's still busy but I am going to give it a go again this afternoon and evening. I just checked out WB2LQF's web page (see link above) he also uses attic dipoles such as it's GAME ON!!!


  1. Hello Mike, great fun to see these excellent more than 1000 Miles per Watt QSO's. It is rewarding to spent even a short time in a contest. G6PZ with just 100 mW. Well done. You would not expect that from a attic antennas, but the very good propagation is clearly working in your favor. hi 73, Bert

    1. Good morning Bert, yes it was a short time I spent in the contest but very enjoyable.

  2. Good afternoon John, I'm sad to report I got shut out!!! I did read of some ops who were up very early and made contact. It sounded like a good idea but when the time came and the alarm went off the mind was willing but the flesh was weak.

  3. Hello Mike, sometimes even QRP doesn't break the pile up. I guess this DXCC will be on air somewhere sometime again. I didn't have a chance to work CY9M either as Juli is as usual a radio inactive month. 73, Bas

  4. Good afternoon Bas, yes the summer months are very hard on ham radio time for sure. As for CY9M I have read some blogs of QRP ops and they had made contact with CY9M....oh well as you said maybe next time.