Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Early release of Dayton eye candy!!

Dayton with many more surprises
My issue of QST came in yesterday and the back page made the new Kenwood rig official !!  There is a great pic there of the new TS 990S but with little to no spec's. The available spec's brag of a top RF output of 200 watts, HF and 50mhz, built in antenna tuner,built in power supply and really thats about all the info Kenwood released in the full page release. Viewing the picture one can see two USB ports which are nicely placed on the front of the rig. A very impressive color TTF display along with a band scope, not if the rig houses two independent receivers but it would seem so as there are independent controls for each receiver on the right hand side of the radio. Not sure as of yet what the optional components of the TS 990S are.  So what are your impressions of the new kid on the block??


  1. Good grief! How many buttons/switches/knobs can be put on the front of an amateur radio transceiver?

    Even if I had the thousands of dollars/euros purchase price, I would still pass on it.

    73 Dick

  2. Well good morning Dick, there sure is lots of turning pushing and twisting that can go on with that rig for sure. There is something to be said for having all the options at your fingertips as opposed to going through a maze of menu hunting to find something.
    Have a good day!

  3. I agree Mike. But my old TS-520 and early TenTec Omni series had everything up front too. Just less. Guess I just didn't need so many, shall I say, modern conveniences. 73 Dick

  4. Dick your comment reminded me of my Icom 735 and it was the same all the needed functions were up front. One contest with the rig and you would know where all the buttons were and what they did.