Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CQ WPX contest + DXCC = Jubilee.......

The CQ world-wide CW WPX contest is on this weekend. The bands will come alive with Morse code,  there will be slow speed, high speed and what the heck did they send speed!! Contests give operators an opportunity to sharpen their radio skills, work on their code speed, see how a new antenna works, fire up the amplifier or turn the power down to QRPp levels and see what happens. Here at VE3WDM I am going to set what I consider an unusual goal for this contest. This time am not concerned with points, multipliers or the quantity of contacts. My goal for this contest is to pick up as many DXCC's as I can. I have been working on my DXCC Jubilee award and what better place but a world-wide contest to add to the DXCC count. So for me it will be search and pounce needed DXCC's in this contest at a QRP power level. Now  you just can't have one goal for a contest can you...........
Other goals for the weekend adventure
1. I have been playing with the Morse runner program each day working on keyboard copying....we will see how that works in a contest situation.
2. I want to take advantage of my sub receiver in my Elecraft K3. Use it to scope out other bands or listen for pileup's to die down.

 To everyone participating in the contest all the best. May the propagation god's be smiling on us this up hammy's and hope to see you on my Elecraft P3!!!
Good luck all!


  1. Love the cat! Good luck on the search and pounce!

  2. Good evening John, thanks very much and as for Oliver he really is a character!!

  3. I'll be there, Mike - hope to hear you. And I also use MorseRunner pre-contest just to 'get my mind right" as the warden said in that movie!

  4. Good morning John, good luck in the contest hope to hear you in there.

  5. Looks like there are some interesting activations out! Good Luck Mike. I hope to paricipate a few hours this weekend if I can get some time. 73, Bas

    1. Good evening Bas, hope to hear you in there and thanks for the well wishes.

  6. Hello Mike, good luck in hunting new DXCC's.
    It's great fun in the CQ WPX. I worked ST2AR. With 2900 mile and my 2.7 W, this is good for more than 1000 Miles per Watt. hi
    73, Bert

  7. Good evening Bert, yes the WPX is great I have added very few DXCCs as the ones I have seem to be in the contest. What I am doing is dropping my power to .1 watt and trying to get the countries I already have DXCC's for and I am surprised with the miles per watt I am getting.