Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shame on me..................

Good Sunday evening to everyone, have you ever been blindsided by something? In the past when  blindsided most if not all the time it was not been a good thing. Well I am here to tell you that I was blindsided and it was a GOOD THING!  Here in Ontario spring has arrived very very early the past few weeks the temperatures have been around 19C. The norms are around 3C and at night down in the negatives. This weekend it was great 23C lots of sun and blue skies this was a nice blindsiding. So why is my post topic "shame on me"? Here is the the math..........
Early spring+great weather=yard work, house cleaning, garden prep and blah blah blah and therefore it's > (greater than) ham radio which = shame on me! I have not had really any time for radio!

KAT2 in the works
It's not to say that here at VE3WDM there has been a total drought of radio time. My plans over the winter were to get my Elecraft K2 setup for portable operation. Which was coming along right on schedule but now the radio bug is bitting as the great weather is here, I have to hurry things along. It was my decision last year to not order the Elecracft KX3 but to use my K2 for going out and about. Here is what had  to be done to make this happen. Remove the KPA 100 option from my radio and remote mount it in combination with the KAT100 antenna tuner. That has been done and it works great. I now want to add battery power to the
The joys of toroid winding
K2 and that is done with Elecraf'ts KB2T internal battery kit. I also wanted to add an internal antenna tuner that is done with the Elecraft's  KAT2 antenna tuner. This sets up the Elecraft K2 along with Palm Radio's mini paddle. The antennas are the Miracle whip or space permitting a wire dipole. When in the car (stationary mobile) mono band whip antennas. This week my time will be spent (I hope) to complete the KAT2 antenna tuner which really just involves toroid winding and mounting. Then the internal battery will be installed and then GAME ON!!!


  1. Hello Mike, the same math counts for me! Hope to play some radio next weekend in the WPX SSB contest. I carefully scheduled it in the agenda. 73, Bas

  2. Hello Mike, I was in the Russian DX and on sunday I helped my wife in the garden. It can not be "only" radio "all" the time. 73, Bert

  3. Good morning Bas, I find the same that I have to make sure I plan radio time or it just does not happen.

  4. Good morning Bert, I was going to try to get some op time during the Russian DX but other things were pressing for the weekend. Would sure had helped my DXCC list for sure.

  5. Mike, I will be doing some work in the garden next Saturday - putting up a new 8-el XY 2 metre beam !!!!! But in seriousness, I will have to cut the grass some time soon !!

  6. Yes those household duties sure do get in the way of the hobby eh!

  7. Hi Mike, hope all is well with you .....

    I have a friend near Buffalo NY, he mentioned the high temperatures last weekend on your side of the pond....No shame in being outside for that kind of weather HI :0) Enjoy it whilst it's sunny..... :0)


    Mark MW0MJB

  8. Good morning Mark, yes the weather here has been just great yesterday it was 28C!! But next week it is supposed to get back to seasonal with temps around 5-10C but that is just fine with me. As long as the -20C's are history for this year I am happy.