Friday, March 9, 2012

Mentoring..........who me!!!!!

To my surprise I have been asked to be a mentor to someone who wants to get their ticket. My wife works with the public and she was chatting with this gentlemen and they were sharing info about their hobbies. It came to light that he was interested in getting his ham license. Julie told him I would be more than happy to help him on his journey.  At first I was excited....not that I am not now but it's been over 20 years since I received my license and things sure have changed from then. I want to sit down with this individual and see what it is they
are looking for in ham radio....strictly VHF/UHF, upgrade to HF and are they interested in code? The meeting to find all this out will be this weekend over coffee. In the mean time I have been on the Internet looking up what is now involved for one getting their Amateur radio license here in Canada! I found out that it sure has changed and in a very good way. It seems to me at first glance anyway that the study materials  exhibit a more practical aspect of the hobby. Sure the regulations are still a part of the exam but there is more on antennas, propagation and even setting up a station. I can see for me this is going to be a learning experience as well. I will have the opportunity to brush up on my theory and who knows learn some new "stuff" about antennas, feed lines, radio equipment, the regulations and the theory! Wish me luck..........


  1. Hi Mike,

    Got a few under the wing myself. They've both got tickets but neither is on HF. I'm pushing QRP and CW. Wish you the best in your endeavors.

  2. Good morning John, at this point in time he is just looking at the basic ticket. VHF/UHF seem to be his interests at this moment.