Friday, February 17, 2012

Super computer + ham raido =??

It was not to long ago I read in either QST or CQ magazine about a group or University working on a super computer for ham radio contesting. I found it to be very interesting but have not been able to find anymore information about it on the Internet or in magazines. The idea was to
program this computer to simulate ham radio contests. Sure it sound like a computer game and to some extent yes it is. The programmers wanted to set up realistic propagation, various radios that were full featured (just like the real thing)  the operator could either enter their  station information and participate or you could choose from what seemed to be unlimited station options including radios, antennas, power and location if you wanted to change from your own QTH. Contests would be held on certain dates. When I read the article  CW and SSB was being worked on in the programming.  Programmers can create programs with extensive detail such as the flight simulators that are on the market so the sky is the limit with realisms for this  program. During a contest the registered participants (both ham and non ham) are able to contest with each other and computer generated participants. I thought this would just be another great way to promote the hobby and perk the interest of non hams. Those who can't set up a station for what ever reason can still scratch the ham itch.....Just a thought!!


  1. Well I'm shure it can be created Mike. But not to forget, contesting is one thing building your station to contest is another. If it is purely about contesting alone and training it would be a nice thing. You're right about that if for any reason someone can not set up a station they can still do something with their interest in the hobby. 73, Bas

  2. Good afternoon Bas, the idea was out there and with the up coming ARRL Inter CW contest this weekend thought I would put it out there.