Sunday, January 8, 2012

Down but not out!!!!!!

Today while putting some laundry way in the bedroom I threw my back out. I  simply hung up a T-shirt in the closet and that was it. I was on my knees and down for the count, this has happened in the past and I do see a Chiropractor one a month for up keep.  Now it will be off to the Chiropractor to slowly get better. I will be off work but at this point not sure for how long. I do know there will be no lifting, house work or sudden anything with movements. Hmmm radio does not require any of that!!! So it looks like here at VE3WDM part of the healing will be radio and rest....:)


  1. Hi Mike,

    Sorry to hear about that and know how it feels. Sometimes the best medicine is R&R with a little stretching. Hope you get better quick.

    Maybe I can catch you on 40 meters sometime? I'm usually around 7040 or 7058.

    Get well soon and spend a little extra time on the radio....I usually get into your area fairly well. Hope to hear you.

  2. Hi Mike, sorry to hear about your back, take care and I hope you will soon recover. 73 Paul

  3. Hello Mike, that's a pity. But we have a great hobby when such things happen ;-) 73, Bas

  4. Good morning all, thanks for your well wishes and I hope to be up and around soon. It just takes time and I have to take it easy or you end up hurting your back again and starting all over.