Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do two wrongs make a right.....

  Last night while on the radio searching out once again T32C my PowerSDR showed a pileup off the T32C frequency. Well over I went and sure enough it was a pile up but not for T32C it seemed to be for 3XY1D in Guinea. Hmm I thought never worked that part of the world so maybe I will give it a go. Then out of nowhere came (in CW) "phoney" very loud and over all the traffic. But not just once..... every 10 to 15 seconds!! Then in  CW came a response "NO" to which the reply was "yes phoney".  This ruined it for me as I would guess many others. Now the call did sound funny but I looked up the call and there is a DXpedition there for October and November. As I QSY'd along the band never finding T32C but possibly finding 3XY1D. I had not been given a chance to work him because of an operator who some how was given the "DXpedition gold enforcement badge". What is operator pretending (maybe) to be someone they are not just for the joy of forming a operator who deliberately (for sure) transmits over others knowing he is doing so....or both? Two wrongs don't make a right!


  1. I was listening to 14.313 today and heard some nut by the callsign WA1BHV. Its a shame that people ignore the rules and attempt to ruin this hobby. I've also heard bad things about 80m so I rarely listen. Sometimes it makes me want to sell my equipment and move on to another hobby. I have to remember that there are a lot of good folks on the air as well.


  2. Good afternoon Dan, I am surprised a call sign was used most of the times I hear rude operating the call is absent. As for leaving the hobby they way I look at it is there is lots of spectrum out there. Besides I would have to stop driving for the bad drivers. I would have to forget going to the movies for rude viewers and so on....I prefer to ignore the rude folks and continue on.

  3. Thanks for the follow up! The driving and movie analogy put it all in perspective. I couldn't agree more. Plus.. I enjoy this hobby too much to give it up. Have a good weekend!