Sunday, October 2, 2011

ARRL disappointment followup

In my last post regarding the ARRL and my disillusion of their discontinuing of most online courses I did not want to leave things on a negative note. We can complain about something each and every day but for me it's not about the complaining it's the solutions that matter. I turned to the internet to see what was out there regarding any online anything for Amateur radio!!! At Google typing in "online ham radio courses" netted my LOTS of study guides on how to become a radio amateur. As I weeded through the  many many many hits I came across some gem's. No they are not full fledged....the real courses I was looking for but very good none the less.

 Some spots (no pun intended) I found for propagation
AE4RV offers an excellent propagation primer it's in flash format.
K9LA has come very good tutorials on propagation on his website. 
The Potomac Valley Radio Club has Webinars and some dealing with propagation.
Wikipedeia I found to be very good for information as well as great links on most any subject.

The web was full of books, DVD's, Youtube and online learning for Electronics
101 Science offers an in depth electricity and electronics tutorials.
Smart flix offers many DVD's and some good ones on electronics.
Youtube has to many to mention just search electronic tutorial and the flood gates open

I have found that there also is lots of information on antennas, feed lines and RFI out there. The online course from the ARRL were a step by step learning process. It followed a building block strategy but at this time it's just not out there.
In closing I understand the ARRL is very keen on Ecomm  and it is certainly understandable. The weather that has brought about permanent change to many in the world is a good reason for Ecomm. Terrorism is not just "over there" anymore it can happen right at home and thus another need for Ecomm. BUT an amateur having a firm grounding in antenna theory, understanding feed lines, RFI, propagation and some electronics makes Ecomm all that much stronger.


  1. Nice short list Mike. Will have to check those out. This hobby has endless avenues to explore. I don't think you could ever exhaust the learning opportunities.

  2. Good evening Casey, I agree and just can't understand anyone who says they get tired of ham radio.