Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another CW contest in the books.......

This year's North American QSO party was more of a relaxed event. Kevin on his propagation site  informs his readers that the largest geomagnetic storm in cycle 24's history just took place. It was close to a G4 level when you add this to my QRP attic antenna setup the contest is now a relaxed event. Out this way 10 meters was dead I did check back now and then but there was nothing. 15 meters was good for about 8 contacts most were at the noise floor (which was about S4) So this made for fading and copying was a long process,  patience's at both ends of the contact were in order. As always 20 and 40 meters were the places to be in times of solar unrest. As I said this was a contest of enjoyment and relaxation so the event ended for me around 6 pm local time. It was time for dinner and a movie with Julie. I was able to make 42 contacts on 20 meters. I never made it to 40 meters but checked in on it now and then and lots of activity was to be had there.
I always like to take something away with me from the contests. This time around I have to admit I was just a little shocked how hard it was for me to copy contest code in around the 25 WPM range. For some reason in the past I remember this was no problem....hmmmm. I found myself slowing down to recopy call's and the exchange as well. Turning 51 I guess has some surprises that come along with it. I was reading in John AE5X blog about a program call CW Freak may just have to invest some time in that it seems.

Well here is how the contest breakdown at VE3WDM

Band      QSO   SEC     Points  Total Points    Total QSO's
15m         8         8            8
20m       42       24          42           16,00             50


  1. I have yet to get that program to work on my computer (running Vista). I think MorseRunner may be a better bet for those of us wanting to brush up at more human-like speeds :-)

  2. Good morning John, yes my laptop is a Vista machine and I too have not had to much luck with CW programs on it. I do have XP at home so I will give MorseRunner a go there. Thanks for the input.