Friday, August 19, 2011

Amateur Radio Newsline

If you want to get a report of what's new's in Amateur radio then Amateur Radio Newsline may be for you. It's about a 30 minute report of what's up in ham radio over the past week. It comes out on Friday each week and gives a run down of what has happened, is happening and some upcoming items as well.  It is anchored by Jim Davis W2JKD who as of 2010 has been in broadcasting for 50 years. The news segments are about 30 minutes in length and are very professional sounding. There are links at the website to either download the news in MP3 format, a news script can be printed, a pod cast and finally you can pick it up on YouTube as well. Below is the YouTube version it is 28 minutes in total so you may want to listen to it in segments or jump through it to get the feel of Newsline. Enjoy!!

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