Thursday, July 21, 2011

Planning for the fall.....kit building time I need ideas........

There is still one kit on the self that has been calling my name for some time to build. I purchased the KAT100 auto antenna tuner from Elecraft for my K2 radio. When purchased  I had all good intentions of building it but other things in the shack kept taking priority. For the rest of the summer it will most likely will sit on the self but the the kit building itch is there and in the fall the soldering iron will be heating up. For those of you that follow my blog on a regular basis you know I am an Elecraft fan and I really enjoy their kits.  I know there are other very reputable "kit" companies out there. I don't want to be closed minded as to the other great opportunities out there so please send me your comments on the kits you have done and information on the other great ham radio related kit companies out there.


  1. Same thing here, Mike! I just ordered what I believe is a very unique kit a few days ago, shipped to me yesterday. I'll be posing info on it to my blog after building/testing/communicating in a week or so.


    W2 wattmeter looks like an interesting accessory, though perhaps redundant after you get your KAT100 done.

    Also, have you thought about outboarding the ATU and PA for your K2? Keeps the heat away from the main control board and looks cool! :)

  3. Good afternoon John, sounds very interesting looking forward to the post.

    Hi Casey, the W2 is a very nice watt meter but at this time I have the LP-100A from Telepost. I have toyed with the idea of remote mounting the ATU and PA. Seems like a nice project to tackle in the winter when the snow is flying and the propagation is down.