Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vertical vs Dipole on 20 meters WSPR

It was now time to try 20 meters and see how my High Sierra sidekick did against my attic 20 meter dipole. I did the comparison on an overcast Sunday afternoon. The solar conditions were SFI =108 A=20 K=3 solar wind was up around 575 and sunspots 66. The solar wind was high but both antennas are being compared during the same conditions. Now as you can tell by the pictures in the links above the vertical antenna is not in an ideal location but then
again the attic 20 meter dipole has some draw backs as well. Below is how they did on WSPRnet. Click on the pictures to enlarge.  It would seem the attic dipole did a better job than the ground mounted vertical both antennas have their advantages and disadvantages. The sidekick my be on the swap shop soon so I can make some extra money to add some goodies to the shack.

Sidekick at 1904 UTC
Dipole at 1951 UTC


  1. Happy Sunday. Well, I just finished my one QSO for today Was with DL8PG near Bonn. FT-817 at about 5 watts with Buddistick out the window. Doesn't happen every day. I know that with my 17 meter Par end-fed, operating from the "other side", I very frequently made QRP cw contacts into the states if conditions were ok. The wire was low, but but outdoors.

    Even though your dipole is in the attic, it seems to be in a "sweet" spot. I would go with the dipole as long as it remains exactly where it is.

    73 Dick

  2. Good evening Dick,yes it seems that the Sidekicks days are numbered.

  3. Verticals, especially loaded, are great for mobile, that's about it. Can you add an inverted V along the rafters in an orthogonal position to the dipole?