Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 meter WSPR dual...dipole vs vertical

Well maybe 20 meters was not a fair comparison between the two attic antennas as the 20 meter dipole is a 1/4 wave. So I decided to go to 30 meters. Here we have the 30 meter dipole which is two mobile whip antennas in a horizontal layout. The Sidekick is a vertical but I would think more in line with the mobile whips for a fair comparison. So it was back to WSPR to see how the vertical fairs against the dipole.
It would seem to me that the vertical is just not doing the job and I am seriously thinking that selling the Sidekick would be the best, use the money to further help out the improving the signal at VE3WDM. I am thinking of adding a 80 meter mobile whip dipole to the attic. One more thing I may try this weekend before the Sidekick comes down is 17m comparison. The Sidekick against the 20 meter dipole tuned to 17 meters.  I can add one more but not sure what band to add...this is were I ask my blog followers. What improvements if any can you suggest and what other band should I add?
30 meters with vertical
30 meters with dipole


  1. Hello Mike, to be honest I would take a whole different way building a multiband dipole on the attic. As your dipoles are all doing far better as the vertical. I would imagine a balanced dipole fed by ladderline and tuned by a balanced tuner. Since you got limited space you can fold back the ends of the dipole a number of times. Another solution would be a magnetic loop, but that is a whole other thing to build and tuning is not easy. I don't recommend mobile whips for 80m as, even in a dipole configuration, those do not have much efficiency but are more kind of dummyloads. Just think about it Mike, there is a better solution for all those tuned mobile whips and a "screwdriver" antenna. 73, Bas

    To give you an idea look over here

  2. Mike, I've been in your situation before and have just made a post to my blog about the antenna that (by far) was the best-performing of those tried while in the Stealth Mode.

    As it turned out, the most effective antenna was also the cheapest and the simplest. It's also right on the verge of being invisible to not only humans, but also to CCR enforcement types.

  3. I'm really surprised that the results are so poor. Even a home made magnetic loop on my shack desk performed better. These screwdrivers perform so well on a car. I am amazed that your results are so disappointing.

  4. I first want to thank all of you for the input.
    Bas you have caused me to want to sit down and rethink the antenna setup using a vertical. As Julian commented I too am surprised by the poor results. The screwdriver has been a fair to moderate performer in other applications.
    John later today I will drop by your blog and see the antenna you used...thanks again all.