Thursday, March 24, 2011

They did say it was spring.......right???

On the first day of spring I noticed the birds coming back from their winter migration, the grass was beginning turn green and even some brave flowers were starting to show themselves in the garden.
yesterday a snow storm took all that was left of spring away.............
Backyard Click to enlarge
Backyard click to enlarge
Just before next wave hit


  1. Hi Mike, OMG, that looks like winter to me. ;-) I hope not for long... 73 Paul

  2. Yes Paul I too am hoping the same this snow sure makes spring feel a long way away.

  3. Incredible Mike, I hope this will not happen over here. We just enjoy nice spring weather. 73, Bas

  4. Hello Mike,

    We had a horrendous hail storm yesterday....lots of paint damage on all the cars in this valley.

    Springtime????.......hard to imagine.

  5. Hello Mike,

    It is spring here in the Netherland. This morning I sat in the garden in the sun, reading SPRAT and the news letter of the BQC.
    Thank you for the beautful pictures. It seems so long ago for us.;-)

    73, Bert PA1B

  6. Yes "J" we have had our fair share of hail storms up this way and most of the time it's in the summer and yes the damage to cars and property can get very expensive.
    Bert Good to hear that spring has sprung in the Netherlands and as you are pruning the garden remember the snow out this way....HI HI.....glad you enjoyed the pictures my XYL tool them and I will pass along the comments.

  7. Huh ! We though we had it bad this past few years - you know mike when we get an inch or so of snow here in the UK, the whole country grinds to a halt and everyone takes the day off - the railways cease functioning because of frozen leaves and ice on the tracks, and all - (or most) main roads get blocked - Typically "British" we just give up ! ;-()