Saturday, February 19, 2011

We are now cooking with gas.................

Finally systems normal
I can say that to get this screen back again it was not a smooth process at all. I went online to see how I could remove the spy-ware and most of the sites I went to would scan the PC and let you know what was wrong but then there was the cost to purchase the software to remove the problem...funny thing was it was advertised as "free".....a wise man once told me "nothing is free" true. I then came across sites that gave me step by step
instruction on how to remove the spy-ware. As I went through the steps lots of times I was being directed to the registry and I am not all that computer savvy so I bailed on that option. I do want to thank those who emailed me with suggestions and websites as well. In the end I went out and purchased Norton 360 after looking at many reviews this seemed to be the one to do the I thought. I loaded the software and it did say it found a low level threat. The first time through I just ignored it but as I thought about it maybe the spy-ware wants to give the impression that it is low level. So I did the scan again removed the low level threat but still no luck the spy-ware was still there. I then call Norton to see what I could do I was told that because the PC was infected before the software was installed I could pay a small fee and have a tech take over my PC and remove the spy-ware. Let me clarify I was talking to an agent on my infected PC over the net....who then asked me for my credit card number to continue!!! Well I then called Norton on the toll free line and paid them and gave them access to my PC. To make a long story short he was able to repair the problem. My PC is up and running fine business  now. I am told that Norton 360 will not protect my PC from a similar attack. Now if you are thinking that I was running my PC without any protection up to this point I was running AVG for antiviral and Spy-bot for malware. It's time to move on to bigger and better things......the ARRL CW DX contest!!!!!!!

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