Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's due time for a change.......

The old setup
For some time now I have not been pleased with the layout of my radio desk. The position of the radios were a little to high so during contests it became uncomfortable to tune the radio at the height they were at. Also the two monitors required me to look up slightly I found within a very short period of time it became very uncomfortable on my neck. I did not want to replace the desk it's very sturdy and has lots of room also it's on wheels and when I have to get around to the back it's very easy. . Unfortunately I just spent a considerable amount of time tidying up the cables at the back of the desk.  There seemed to be cable and coax going  every which way. So I purchased some Velcro ties and neaten things up  It looked great....... but looking back  there was a big advantage in having all the cable loose. When adding or moving a piece of equipment it was a real easy. Now with the cable ties its a  pain to open up the cable ties to add or remove cables. So it was out with the cable ties and back to the spaghetti mess.......
Back to the good old bad hair day
I digressed....back to the radio desk remodeling. I purchased two swivel monitor mounts allowing me to position the monitors at a comfortable viewing position. I wanted also to lower the  radios from the upper self to the desk top. To allow for this the self had to be moved up 2 inches or so. ( easier said than done) That was sure an undertaking.... one of Ingvar Kamprad's Ikea desks with easy adjustable shelving would had been a blessing.....oh well dreams are free!!! As I said not wanting to purchase a new desk besides there are very few desks that suited my situation. As I started the desk remodeling it very quickly came to light that the moving of a simple self up 2 inches or so was going to be a major under taking and much if not all of the desk had to be taken apart.
To late to turn back now
To have the radios at desk level it was well worth the revamping of the desk. Once the self was in it took some moving and moving and moving of equipment to make sure everything was in the spot that I wanted it. After the desk was done there was the hooking of all the radios and paraphernalia  back up again. For some reason when I re hooked everything up I could not get a good SWR on my dipole or vertical antenna. I checked the cabling again and again all was good. Then for some reason unknown to me the SWR settle back to normal.. In hindsight  I find the problems that fix themselves find a way to come back an haunt you. Well here are some pictures of the finished product. 
Both monitors at a comfortable viewing position
Monitors up and out of the way

Monitors just a little higher


  1. Hi Mike, now the shack looks very neat. A right height is very important. 73 Paul

  2. I agree Paul the height for me has been something I had wanted to change for some time now.

  3. Great Shack! I'd love to be able to mimic it some day if you don't mind.

    vy 73

    Andre', M0JEK

  4. Great piece of work Mike, you're a real handyman. Height is very important at the radioshack especially when contesting. One of these years I hope to make a shack like yours. But first I have to rebuilt that part of the house, and there are so many other things to do. By the way, I like the earth strip you made, a very neat solution. I'm curious what is the metallic box for just above the powerboxes, with the blue wire to the strip? 73, Bas

  5. Good evening Bas sorry it took long to get back to you but I wanted to get home to get you the right information about the "metallic box". My K3 has diversity receive in my case there are two antennas in close proximity to each other. This box is an RF limiter from I.C.E products I have the model 196. This product is in series with my receiving antenna. It protects the K3's second receivers front end from damage due to nearby transmitted fields. The blue wire is a green ground wire that is used as a bleeder.

  6. Mike, thanks for your answer. Interesting info, never heard of a RF limiter. But you're right it's better to have extra protection. I think I'm getting colorblind....or my screen has had his years. Interesting website from ice by the way. Lot's of usefull info. 73, Bas

  7. Glad you found the site interesting.