Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lets talk BOUDOIR shall we

Guess bedroom before renovation
Second room that was used for storage.
I'm committed now
Things are starting to come together.
Now that I have your attention..... and this post will in time have something to do with  boudoir. So what does an amateur do when he is not hamming you ask? How about  removing a wall and making two rooms into one but of course. Early last week my beautiful wife came to me with a request. We have a few spare rooms in the basement she asked to have two of the rooms made into one. Julie was wanting to expand her photography hobby/business to include boudoir photography. In order for Julie to set up the proper  studio a  larger room was a requirement. It first had to be determined if the wall she wanted removed was a load bearing wall or not, it was not. The size of the opening was soon decided and off came the drywall, and wood studs. There was the removing and relocating of electrical outlets, cable TV and phone lines. Julie was employed as my painter  as I removed the wall. Julie soon came to the realization how she hates painting. I came to the realization that while she was painting quite a bit of paint came into contact with the carpet. It did not phase Julie as all I heard throughout the painting was "it's ok dear, we can get it out with the carpet cleaner". I extended my weekend by  three days to make sure the project was done. It has come down to the wire and now there is one day left. Thinking the extra three days off would be loads of time,  it turned out as with any job there were things that did not go as planned and we fell behind. My goal for the time off is that Julie's studio is setup  and ready for clients so she can move onto the next phase of her photography career.  Stay tuned for the studio reveal as we will accomplish out goals albeit right down to the deadline!!!!!!!


  1. Now, don't forget to post an example or two of Julie's boudoir photography later.

    73 Dick

  2. Dear Om,II think it is a good idea of Julie.
    That is an example of cooperation between amateur and professional.


  3. Hi Mike, it's a pity you lost some comments on this topic. How does that involve with your e-mail program? If my e-mail program would chrash it has nothing to do with my blog?? Anyway from what I remember I wrote you something like: hi Mike the handyman! The DIY work and photos does remind me of our DIY work this spring building our babyroom. I hope Julie will have much succes with her photography career, I think it would be no problem with your help. 73, Bas

  4. Good morning Bas, as it turned out the comment being lost was my fault. I was mousing to fast and hit delete it seems. It was just at the same time for some reason Windows XP on my desktop decided crash. Very nice pictures of the babies room in your link. Congratulations on the birth of Anneli.

  5. Thats funny, where you said your wife gets more paint on the carpet, I have a wife just like that !

    Ypu gotta love 'em havent you ?

    73 Paul.