Thursday, September 9, 2010

Elecraft KRX3 shipped today

Well after pondering for some time now Wednesday night I sent the email order off to Elecraft for a KRX3 sub receiver for my K3 radio. It was a toss up between that and the Elecraft P3, AE5X posted a similar question on Nabble and mentioned the results in his blog. I wanted to carefully look at the KRX3 and it's benefits to my station if any, it is a large layout of funds not including the 3 eight pole Inrad filters I have to order as well.
Here were the KRX3's selling points:

1. Ability to use two antennas one for receiving and the other transmitting. I have a dipole that is very quite in the attic but can only apply 5 watts to it. My vertical in the backyard (my state of the art vertical) is very noisy. Now I will have the ability to listen virtually noise free.

2.The KRX3 is a completely separate receiver, DSP and  filters.... everything. On most rigs VFO A and B have to be on the same band to work properly as with my old FT-1000mp. The addition of the KRX3 will allow me to scout out  band conditions during a contest on 40 meters with the sub-receiver while still working a run (in my dreams) on 20 meters with my main receiver.

3.Then there is the whole idea of listening to both sides in a DXepadition, how cool is that!!

4.The sub VFO can track the main VFO so if the DXepadition  moves up or down it is a matter of turning the main VFO and the sub follows.

5. Bottom line it's a toy and I want it!!

Thank you Arie PA3A for this great YouTube video on the KRX3 assembly and the music is fantastic...Santana. I would imagine most have seen it as it has close to 4,000 hits if not have a look. Seems to me to be a very well done video.  Let me know what you think of the quality of this video Julian??


  1. That KRX3 appears to be a great item. The principal of it could solve a lot of QRN problems for MANY hams.

    Good luck with it.

    73 Dick

  2. Hey Mike, that's great! I'll be anxious to hear your impressions of it once you've had a chance to tinker with it a while.

  3. Hi Mike, nice video, I admire such skills because when I do such things, there's always something going wrong. I do more harm then I solve a problem. Have a nice weekend, 73 Paul

  4. Yes Paul PA3A did a very nice job. For a six minute video it's I imagine hours of work.