Sunday, August 22, 2010

CQ CQ...HEY someone is out there!!!!

Today I was at it again with the KX1 today it was raining very hard outside so I operated from my second floor radio room. The antenna for today was a long wire strung out the window and over the deck below. Sorry no pictures of the antenna I did not want to get my Nikon digital SLR wet. I was on the air at 2:10 pm local time and was calling CQ on 20 meters and nothing. The KX1's SWR was 1.7:1 and I was cranking out 1.7 watts.
A glass of Merlot and QRPing
 I moved around the band but it just was not happening so I moved up to 40 meters. It was there at 7009.00 mhz I heard KA1W calling CQ. Now on 40 meters the KX1's SWR was 2.2:1 and the output was less than a  watt but what the heck I gave it a go! To my surprise he came back to me with a report that went from 459 to 569. Dave is in Shelton Connecticut he was taken back that I was only running less than one watt into a long wire.  From my location it is about 450 miles to Dave's QTH, not big time DX but much better than yesterday when my count was "0" contacts. At 7032.07 W9ZN from Chicago was having a QSO he was booming in at this end but I ran out of time I had other commitments. So I will have to wait until next time for W9ZN.
Oliver banished to the rocker
Funny thing happen while I was calling CQ on 40 meters. My counterpoise was moving I had it stretched out in my radio room and down the hall. Our cat Oliver had seen it as a great toy to play with. Well RF and cats don't mix well so he was banished to the rocker. Not to thrilled to say the least about that. It was a good one hour on the KX1 snagged a contact with less than a watt on 40 meters so it was a very good day.....well not for Oliver.


  1. Oh my gosh, whay a great shot of a really P.O.ed pussy cat. With a little croping that would be one for a photo contest.

    73 Dick

  2. Yes Dick he can get moody at times. Overall he is a great cat.

  3. A good name for a cat, may also sought license join amateur. :)

  4. Yes Oliver is a very happy and friendly cat, thanks for stopping by the blog hope you enjoy the content.