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About Me

I was first licensed in 1989 and upgraded to advance in 2000. I primarily operate contests both CW and RTTY. I have been operating RTTY contests since 2005 and started CW contesting late 2006. I became more interested in CW and CW contesting but I had to get my code up to contest speed. I was able to get from 10 wpm to 34 in about a year with LOTS of practice. During 2007 I also was bitten with the QRP bug and operate my Elecraft KX1. (The KX1 also has been sold) Another part of the hobby I enjoy is kit building it helps with the long winter nights.
My former K2 (sold)

My K3
My home station consists of an Elecraft k2 (K2 was sold for funds for a new KX3) and K3 with a Begali contour paddle. My  antenna is the MFJ 1788 loop antenna. It's on the balcony here in my condo. Not a mega contesting antenna by any stretch of the imagination. But I do live in an antenna restrictive area and that is the best I can do. It's not all about winning but enjoying the game....Well it would be cool to be a big gun one day…I now have the Elecraft KX3 and take it with me when I venture outdoors for some "free-range" operating.
The KX1 the first kit from Elecraft
The new KX3 added to the family
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