Sunday, July 8, 2018

My change of direction leads me to this...........

At times it did not go as anticipated 
The fun begins
All I can say is the adventure first stop on this journey is going well beyond the left/right mouse clicking, seeing messages on the PC that say "are you sure you want to save these changes" and finally finding out the hard way that I should never had saved the changes!! The best way I can explain this part of the adventure is.......when I am building  Ikea furniture and at one point things are just not fitting together. You find the reason is because 10 or so steps prevues you either  forgot a part, placed it in backwards or put the wrong part on. To correct this you have to disassemble to 10 steps back and correct the issue. With the PC it's easy to see things are not working as they should or as they used to be BUT ITS THE GETTING BACK PART!!
At this point (don't get me wrong I'm still having a blast) I am learning about all about static IP address, Dynamic IP address, just plan old IP address and finally Subnet mask. Oh and believe me I never knew how fast things can go wrong if your not really sure about these settings and the numbers you place in set empty spaces.
The numbers game begins


  1. I've got a solution for you that will ease your pain, make your station more capable and save you a chunk of $$$ - and still move you in the direction you want to go. Email me if you'd like.

  2. Still it is a mystery what you're up to? 73, Bas

    1. It's like peeling a banana and for me that's what the learning curve is like but I am enjoying it.

    2. Since John is did comment I think you're into a SDR transceiver. That will be fun I guess. Good luck! 73, Bas