Monday, May 14, 2018

The ham radio learning curve!

It's true with Amateur radio there is a learning curve, depending on the background that you bring to the hobby the curve can be shallow or a very deep one. I don't shy away from the "curve" as it makes the hobby very interesting and a challenge. Because amateur radio is very deep no matter what there is always a learning curve for us all. This is a great  because with most things once the interest and challenge is gone one tends to move on to something else. Funny thing about ham radio is your interest and challenge in the hobby can hit a downward swing BUT within the same hobby there are new challenges and interests.....such as the low solar cycle some may loose interest in certain HF activity but then gain a huge interest in something like FT8!
Here is a personal learning curve for me regarding this hobby....many times I have looked at the shack and said "there are some items here that I seem to be not using and are collecting dust" My thought is to convert those items into ham bucks by selling. Having said that here is my learning curve, there have been way to many times  I have sold an item or two or three and then a short time later was in dyer need of said sold item. In some cases I have had to purchase once again the same item I sold. My learning curve or my take away is just hold onto it for a little bit longer as you may end up needing it again!

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